Demystifying Energy Costs


Tools of the TradE

Many factors affect the price of energy:  World events, politics, weather cycles, fossil fuel prices, and legislative and regulatory issues, just to name a few.  At EES we aggregate and analyze all the pertinent information from the best information outlets to keep you aware of not only Energy Commodities and various fuels source pricing trends, but as many of the factors that contribute to the prices of global supply and demand. It all has an effect. 

Creating Competition

The management teams at EES use their networks of professional relationships with energy companies to benefit you.  Our focus is on getting you the best rate possible by providing you with a wide range of options – not limiting you to a shortlist of “preferred suppliers”.   We work for our clients, not our vendors.  EES analysts use their extensive experience to pit energy companies against each other in a bidding fueled for your business – ensuring that your rates stay low. 

Buying Power

Typically, the more energy your company uses the more buying power you have.  But what if you had 10 companies your size, or even 100?  Our sizable client portfolio and well-established contacts in the energy industry create economies of scale for your firm when negotiating electricity and natural gas contracts.  Your energy cost savings free up cash flow that you can use to grow your business. 

Legalese and Hidden Fees

Energy Companies and most other suppliers occasionally include one-sided language in their contracts, which can mask all manner of hidden expenses, costs and unforeseen progress delays. These costs and charges add up quickly.  EES retains top-notch legal representation throughout the country to review your energy contracts.  Our attorneys will go through any agreements necessary line-by-line to cut out these hidden expenses so you pay as little as possible.