How We Work For You


this doesn't have to be complicated

Imagine a world where energy costs were next to nothing and it was your quality of life that was skyrocketing, not your expenses. Evolving Energy Systems (EES) is a company dedicated to meeting one of the strongest needs of our time…lower energy costs. Current and future demand will continue to drive energy costs up.  EES provides a variety of services and options to help you conserve on energy cost for the present and future. From hedging your electric utilities, to ensuring you were properly billed in the past and providing the ability to co-generate power on-site. EES is here to serve you, the client. 

How We Work For You:

EES was  developed as a response to global & domestic energy and utility concerns.  Through research, networking and strategizing, Evolving Energy Systems has developed a process that will lower your current utility expenses as well as providing the ability to harness the Earth’s natural, renewable and sustainable resources.  Our unbiased and independent status in the energy industry allows us the ability to cater to our clients’ individual needs.