Clean Energy & Utilities


wind & solar

Photovoltaic (PV) solar & wind technology has exploded in the past several years.  They have become more cost-effective and efficient.  With tax deductions, Government rebates, State incentives, and rising energy costs, solar & wind is paying for itself in an average of 5-8 years with an industry average of 25 year warranties from the manufactures to produce energy .  Imagine having free energy for 18 years.  Batteries are not needed.  You can watch the meter roll backwards during the day as you sell it back to the utility company then buy it back at night.  It’s like driving a hybrid car.  Contact us for a free estimate (geographic restrictions apply). Financing is available.


On-Site Power Generation

 Technology is currently available to generate on-site power at affordable costs while ensuring power continuity in an over-taxed electrical grid.   Large commercial structures will see immediate savings for no longer paying electric transmission & distribution charges.  This can be used in tangent with already available electricity so you decide when and how long it stays on.  Financing is available.